What a great weekend! What a great trip. The weather in California was amazing and my strong, sweet, enthusiastic sister-in-law and I ran 13.1 miles in and around DisneyLand. Just for fun. And because we can. We had an awesome time.

I have a lot more that I want to share about the trip, but for now I feel a little sad that it is over. I want to reiterate that I don’t run because I think it is important, or because I am good at it, or because I like to tell people how far I can go… I do it because it is fun and it teaches me a lot about myself. I recommend it. We don’t have a ton of opportunities as adults to have exhilarating/special/totally-fun experiences, but training for and running road races is one sure way to create one of those life-is-REALLY-good days for yourself. Chelsea & I shared one of those days on Sunday.

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